Vineyard Launch Course

An Introduction to The Vineyard Church

· December 10, 2020
An Invitation to the Launch Course | Reagan Waggoner | 2min

To ‘launch’ is to begin a journey. At The Vineyard Church, we believe that an important part of our life journey is to grow in faith in the context of people committed to following Jesus. The Launch Course is a roadmap for this journey in the context of The Vineyard Church. As a result of taking this course you will better understand:

  • The History of The Vineyard Church of Sugar Land/Stafford.
  • What is Vineyard USA?
  • What our core values are that shape what we do.
  • What our core beliefs are that shape our faith.
  • How to connect in relationships at The Vineyard.
  • How to take the next steps in your faith journey.
  • How to become a partner with the mission of The Vineyard.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 12 Topics